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Webinar 11.Juli 2020: Introduction to solo contemporary repertoire

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Introduction to solo contemporary repertoire

Webinar topic

In this webinar the lecturer will show possible approaches to facilitate access to contemporary solo literature.
- brief history and context
- trying out contemporary techniques (playing together)
- working on examples from pieces
- tips on interpretation and performance
- time for Q&A

Target group

All recorder players who want to expand their literary treasure. The webinar will be held in English. Therefore you should be able to understand the English language.

Webinar times

11. Juli 2020, Sa. 10 - 12am



Course teaching

Sarah Jeffery

Webinar Technology and AGB

to history

Many years ago we founded the Blockfloetenakademie.eu. First offers were online courses around the recorder. At that time we were ahead of our time - a little too far - but now it is time to take the opportunity to recognize and use the signs of the times. In addition to the well-known seminar formats of the recorder shop.de, the new formats of the "recorder webinars" are now available.
Let us take you into a new world of learning, listening and experiencing. This is wonderfully possible with webinars.
If you have any questions about the technology, you are welcome to call us.
You'll be amazed at how easy Webinar is!

Seminar location

That's the beauty of webinars. You decide from where you join in. You only need a stable internet connection.
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