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Magnetic pencil holder including pencil
 Magnetic pencil holder including pencil Some words about the Magnetic pencil holder including pencil Where's that pencil again?""Do you know this question too? Always at the moment when you have to make an important note quickly. You have to draw in a slur, or note a special fingering, you can't find the pencil, or it lies unreachably far away.Wouldn't it be great if it was always hanging on the music stand?That's possible!With our super strong magnet including pencil, which also has an eraser, they have easily solved a big problem.

Volker Leiss, music book, Ballads of Birds and Flute & Feather
 Volker Leiss, music book, Ballads of Birds and Flute & Feather Some words about the Volker Leiss, music book, Ballads of Birds and Flute & Feather Volker Leiss is a multifaceted musician who recorded ""Ballads of Birds"" and ""Flute & Feather"" very popular CDs. Now there is also the play-along booklet to the recordings.

Blockfloetenshop.de, Schwarze Blockflöten-Rucksacktasche
 BS-56-BFS. Bag for different recorders General information Recorders should be stored in case of strong temperature fluctuations in a secure packaging, which is able to protect the instrument reliable. In the case of strong temperature or humidity fluctuations it could be that cracks could appear in the body of the recorder. This can under certain circumstances damage the instrument totaly. In any case the reparation will be expensive A thoughtful case or bag keeps your instrument parts from such unsightly incidents. Suitability This item has been developed for different-recorders. The size of the compartments are especially adapted to the items of the company Blockfloetenshop.de. If your instrument is from another manufacturer, and if you unsure if your instrument fits into this package, please contact us.


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The Streaming Labium was developed by Adriana Breukink and Kunath Instrumentenbau. Its protected shape gives recorders a greater dynamic range and the possibility to achieve significantly more timbres on the instrument.


Let us tell you in an easy to understand way what there is to consider when oiling recorders. The Blockfloetenpodcast.eu lays the knowledge foundation.

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